Happily, David makes his third (!) appearance on the podcast. In honor of purchasing our first delivery truck, David and I take it out on a joyride and record this week’s podcast on our drive.


Here are some things we hit on in the podcast:

Israeli numbers… something I never get right… here they are:

The book that David and I both enjoyed about how to build a successful restaurant is called, Setting the Table by Danny Meyer.

I shout out the amazing Elad Lifshitz and his design idea for the truck. Side note, I’m never sure who reads show notes but I LOVE writing them. I find them hilarious. So in thanks to those who have read this far, here is Elad’s pitch for our truck. It won’t end up looking like this but isn’t this just the best?

David and I go on this fabulous digression where we try to work through the intellectual property rights of Mendel the Mouse. So obviously I went down the Olomeinu rabbit hole to trace Mendel’s growth when I got home. Here’s a great article about the Jewish Mickey Mouse.

At the end of the podcast, I plan to add a long list of thank yous to everyone who has been involved in our bakery life for the past year, but then I chickened out knowing that I would definitely forget someone and make someone sad. But it did remind me of this scene from the (totally underrated) show Sports Night where they thank everyone on staff.